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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Bag Mat Ministry

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Faith And Character Task Force



Faith in action at Evangeline Elementary

The Faith and Character Task Force consists of over 30 churches, all different denominations, volunteering their time and skills at local schools. At Evangeline Elementary, three churches have organized a schedule and work during the week to assist teachers. Assistant Principal Mary Spencer explained one way volunteers spend their time is helping students spend cash at the school's Cub Mart.

The Cub Mart is the school's goodie store, where students can spend Cub Cash they acquire during the week for good behavior. They can trade in their yellow certificates for pencils, yo-yos and other prizes once a week.

"Our volunteers from the Faith and Character Task Force actually come in and act as cashiers," Spencer said.

They volunteer their time from 9am to 2pm every Wednesday and Spencer said, "It's a long am but they never complain, always (work) with a smile and the kids seems to enjoy it."

This isn't the only task volunteers attend to.

"We look for opportunities to go in and help where we can, one thing we like to do since the cafeteria is right there we go in wipe tables down, clean food off of the floor,"

said Pastor Jim Craft of Calvary Baptist Church. They help during early morning and after school carpool and he admits to even throwing footballs with kids during recess.

"We as Christians are called to be servants, we are called to help," he said.

"They said 'what do you need?'" Spencer began. "We said, 'we would like to have the numbers painted on the sidewalk' and the very next day they were out here painting the numbers."

Those numbers allow parents to know where to drop off their children in the morning and where students need to stand before and after school starts. Between volunteering at the Cub Mart and painting numbers on sidewalks, faculty and staff said the faith and character volunteers provide time-saving and moral boosting benefits.

"Last year our teachers would give up their planning time to run the Cub Mart and it wasn't consistent," said Spencer One teachers said she spent almost two hours a week the previous year running the Cub Mart, but now has more time for lesson plans and tutoring students.

Craft said he is glad to be assisting in the school, and wishes it could have always been this way, but believes the country's stiff-arm approach to church mixing with public schools lead to a stigma that all they want to do is pray and brain-wash impressionable minds.

"We've come together to help kids, its all about the kids."

Spencer agreed and said "It's wonderful because sometimes it's the little things that matter most."

Volunteers will continue to help throughout the school year, and while 15 schools still have not joined the program, leaders said they hope all schools will reap the benefits before the end of 2014.